Testimony of New Beginnings Church Columbus Ohio Pastor Mike Ortega

Testimony of New Beginnings Church Columbus Ohio Pastor Mike Ortega

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On behalf of National Missions, we give glory and honor to Jesus Christ for what He has done for the Church of Columbus, OH. Rejoice in the Lord as you read their testimony.

Praise the Lord! It is with great Joy that we announce to you that our members in the National Missions New Beginnings Church in Columbus, Ohio have purchased their Church Building. The temple has 23,000 square feet, with a seating capacity of 300+, 20 rooms and a dining hall with a seating capacity of 400. The pastoral family, Mike, Teresa, Kalista, Seth and Jordan are excited to share what God has done since arriving in 2008 to the National Missions Field Church in Columbus, OH, which at the time had 30 members.

unnamed(3)In 2011 God opened doors for New Beginnings to open a lease, with an option to purchase this property for $435,000. During this time we have experienced baptisms after baptisms every year and have seen a growth to a current membership of 260 members. In 2017 Pastor Mike Ortega placed an offer of $200,000 to the property owners, The Greater Ohio Wesleyan District, for the building, which was agreed upon. After further negotiating, we settled on a purchase price of $182,400 (Only God). The Greater Ohio Wesleyan District was so amazing in helping the Ortega family achieve this dream. They even sent their Chief Financial Advisor, who told Pastor Mike Ortega that God showed them that He sent the Ortega family to this place and that he was appointed to be here, and that they would do everything possible to help them.

Amazingly, in the process of trying to purchase the building, the Real Estate Department of the Apostolic Assembly did two comparable assessments through 2 banks to determine its value. They valued the building at $750,000, which makes the purchase price a great deal. Because of the good care provided by New Beginnings Church, the building had gained equity. unnamedThe General Board, along with the Treasury Department, and the Real Estate Trust Fund, were able to process a loan of $200,000 so that New Beginnings could immediately pay the entire mortgage and pay the loan to the Real Estate Trust Fund at a 4% interest rate. The monthly payment has been reduced by $800, and New Beginnings Church is now the property owner at 120 S. Burgess Ave, Columbus Ohio 43204.

We rejoice in this testimony and know that many more souls shall encounter the presence of God in this place.

To God be the Glory!