July 20-23, 2020

The Grove Camp & Retreat Center

7501 S. Knights Bridge Rd

Canby, OR 97013

Dress Code Guidelines

  • Dress code for the camp is casual (during the day) and smart casual for the services. No high heels.
  • Attire must be in accordance with Apostolic doctrine.
  • Water activities dress code – board shorts (to the knees) and colored t-shirts (not white – for everyone), for girls, they have to wear a bathing suit under this.
  • (For girls only) Veils must be worn during all church services.
  • Skirts and/or dresses must cover the knees at all times.
  • No tight clothing. (includes guys and girls)
  • (For guys only) Pants must be worn over shorts at all times when not physically playing basketball or swimming.
  • Sports dress code: guys and girls may wear basketball shorts (long shorts – no shorter than 2” above the knee) and a t-shirt (not a tank top). Please remember that no tight clothing is allowed (for guys or girls).

Camp Guidelines

  • Camp Executive Staff members have the right to change or add guidelines at any point and time prior or during camp.
  • While at camp, campers will not be allowed to drive their car.
  • Campers are to treat counselors and staff with respect at all times.
  • Campers will not remove anything from rooms nor write on walls or deface property.
  • Pastor’s Kids Camp will not be responsible for any personal items that become damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Only authorized musicians will be allowed to play the instruments.
  • Camp Executive Staff reserves the right to ensure that all guidelines are met.
  • Refusal to adhere to camp rules will result in camper’s exclusion from the camp.
  • Campers will not bring nor use any kind of fireworks or weapons.
  • Campers may not bring any children
  • Absolutely NO REFUNDS.


What is the age range for PK camp?
The age range for camp is single PK’s over 14 years old and married PK’s up to 30 years of age.
Does PK stand for Pastors Kid? Preachers Kid? Who may attend?
Due to the limited number of spaces that we have at the camp, we are limiting the camp to Pastors Kids only. Make sure you have your dad’s credential number when you are registering for camp.
What do I have to bring to the camp?
Please bring appropriate clothing. The weather will be hot and sunny. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses.
I still have questions! Who do I contact?
If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on our social media pages: Facebook and Instagram – PastorsKidsCamp. One of our team members will get to you as soon as possible. If you would like to send an e-mail, please e-mail with your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Waiver Release Form:

PK’s Under 18* years of Age.

You must download, sign and mail in your Consent and Release Form signed by your parents.

* Absolutely no children below the age of 13 allowed at camp.

Download PK Camp Consent and Release and e-mail back to

  1. Cost $250 (Full price)
  2. Deposit $150 (Pay difference at the door)

Forms: Consent Waiver / Consent Waiver (Minor) / PK Camp Reg Form

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forms_0001_Layer 2

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