Bishop José G. Zúñiga

Bishop José G. Zúñiga

Bishop José G. Zúñiga is the Secretary of Christian Education of the Apostolic Assembly.

He was born in Delicias, Chihuahua on December 12, 1953. His father, Minister Román Zúñiga, was a New Mexico Apostolic Pioneer that pastored in Deming, Derry and Santa Fe. Pastor Román culminated here his ministerial calling serving as Bishop Supervisor.

Restless one night, he was baptized at the age of fourteen in 1968. With a precocious love for education, he graduated from the National Apostolic Bible College in 1975 by completing the mandatory year of fieldwork shepherding a small church in Agua Prieta, Jalisco. Under his father’s leadership, his ministerial career flourished and he was appointed pastor of Silver City, New Mexico from 1977 to 1979. Later he moved to Chicago, Illinois where he was a very active minister of Chicago’s First Apostolic Church.

Bishop José G. and Febe Zúñiga

Bishop José G. and Febe Zúñiga

He planted the “Apostolic Center for Christian Life” in 1991 with a small group of believers, where he is at present the Pastor. Education continued to be one of his great passions; he attended Loyola University from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration in 1995. In 2011 the pastors of the dynamic Midwest District elected him Bishop Supervisor. Through his leadership as Bishop, the Midwest District bought an 80+ acre District Camp and has started three churches. The 2014 General Convention elected him Secretary of Christian Education.

In 2016, he was installed as pastor of the first church of Grand Prairie, TX where he is serving at the present time, alongside his wife Febe.

He graduated in 2001 with a Master of Divinity (M. Div.) from McCormick Theological Seminary and is completing his Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) in the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico.

He lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife Febe, together they have two sons: Eric (married to María Fernanda); and Ariel. He also has a grandson, Eden Uriah.


The Christian Education Bishop Secretary is the President of the International Apostolic Bible College, Chair of the Theological Postgraduate Scholarship Fund, and Editor-In-Chief of the Apostolic Herald and Apostolic Assembly publications (Apostolic Expositor, Sunday School).

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