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Associate of Arts in Theology Program

Bible College1OVERVIEW:

This program is designed to open a space for the Apostolic International Bible College English curriculum and coursework to be more accessible and convenient to a larger audience of students by means of an online learning platform.

The program will provide students with an understanding of the Apostolic Assembly Doctrine and Constitution. Students will gain a general understanding of Scriptures and will learn to examine the application of biblical texts in ways relevant to their current contexts of ministry. Students will also be challenged to complete assignments and tasks that will equip them with tools to strengthen their ministries and their calling.


  • Program length: 20 courses
  • Duration: 20 months
  • Course Length: 3 weeks
  • Format: 100% Online, use
  • Cost: $150 per course (to be paid at beginning of course, includes materials, debit/credit card)


Program will follow the same curriculum as the On-Campus Bible Colleges


Courses will include video lectures by professors, feedback on homework assignments, discussion boards, and will include hands-on course assignments (pastoral meetings, video presentations, group projects, etc.) All assignments and grading will be posted and submitted on the online portal.


All students interested in completing the A.A. program and are entering their 1st year of Bible College.

If you are unable to attend an on-campus bible college program nearest to you due to: Work schedule, language barrier, or no access to one.


Enrollment opens December 16th

Registration for
(Class 1) on January 6th.

Course begins January 13th

“I gained knowledge in many different important topics, and grew more comfortable in my ministry.”
– Anonymous

” The course was relevant to the English culture and curriculum was relevant to ministry.”
– Anonymous

“Assignment submission was easy!”
– Anonymous

“The program was very modernized. We had tasks that were up to date with the times we live in”
– Anonymous

Registration Form
Our programs are expressly designed to fit the lives of busy professionals like you.

All students must fill out consent form. This form is to be filled out and signed by both your Pastor and local Bishop for enrollment.
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SUPERVISOR:  Bishop Jose Zuniga (Secretary of Christian Education)

Bishop Jose Zuniga
(Secretary of Christian Education)

DEAN:  Dr. Eduardo Iglesias (Pastor, West Phoenix Church, AZ)

Dr. Eduardo Iglesias
(Pastor, West Phoenix Church, AZ)

COORDINATOR:  Dr. Janae E. Quezada, (1st Lady of the Harvest Church Las Vegas, NV)

Dr. Janae E. Quezada
(1st Lady of the Harvest Church Las Vegas, NV)