Esteemed pastors and members of our Apostolic Assembly,
¡Paz de Cristo!
On behalf of our Bishop President John Fortino, we ask for prayers from the whole Assembly in favor of the churches and inhabitants in:

1. Puerto Rico, Hurricane Irma arrives Wednesday.
2. Dominican Republic & Haiti: The hurricane arrives Thursday.
3. Florida and neighboring states: The hurricane probably arrives Saturday.

We continue to pray for our pastors and congregations in Texas. We thank God that the aid to our churches there has been both inspiring and constant. However, the needs continue there, especially for all those who have not been able to return to their jobs given Hurricane Harvey’s destruction.

In your prayers, we ask you to also include the congregations that have been suffering from the impact of all the wildfires taking place on the West Coast of the United States.

Finally, we inform you that the hurricane that struck Los Cabos, México, some days ago, only damaged the homes of two of our Apostolic families. At this moment the México Apostolic Assembly is providing them aid.

Let us keep in our prayers our Bishop President, his family, and his congregation.

Fraternally in Christ Jesus,
Ismael Martín del Campo,
Bishop Vice President.

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