In Loving Memory Bishop Isaac H. Cota

Bishop-Isaac-H-CotaBishop Isaac H. Cota was born Independence Day 1929 to patriarch Epifanio and Lupe Cota. A son of the Apostolic Assembly, his father planted or helped to plant more than thirty-five churches throughout the San Joaquin and Imperial valleys. It was in 1929, the year of his birth, that patriarch Antonio C. Nava commissioned his father to the church in Tulare, California. This church Bishop Isaac would later receive in 1962, and thus an eighty-five year legacy was established of Apostolic ministry in Tulare by the Cota family.

In 1951 he was drafted into military service, but during his enlistment God called him into the highest service, that of ordained ministry. He married his wife, with which he enjoyed sixty-two years of marriage, our esteemed sister Lydia, on November 25, 1952. At the age of thirty he was commissioned to pastor the church in Woodlake, California wherein he served for four years.

Tragedy struck in 1962 when his father, then General Secretary Epifanio M. Cota suddenly died. During this season of grief that year, the General Convention elected brother Isaac as General Secretary, receiving the office left vacant by his father. Bishop Isaac’s leadership would be tried during many difficult periods of time in the Apostolic Assembly. He served as General Secretary for eight years from 1962 to 1970. The 1970 General Convention elected him General Treasurer for four years. In 1978 he was entrusted the Department of Social Assistance for four years and would later be re-elected General Treasurer from 1982 to 1990. His brilliant administrative mind was deeply rooted in his knowledge of Apostolic Assembly history. He rendered twenty-four years of distinguished leadership on the General Board and fifty-five years as Pastor. The Lord called him into his presence full of days at the age of eighty-five yesterday, September 18, 2014.

October 2, 2014
Visalia Convention Center
303 E Acequia Ave, Visalia, CA
6:30 pm
October 3, 2014
Living Christ Church
2516 N. M St, Tulare, CA
10:00 am