People of the Lord, praise the Lord!

As you all know, we have been plagued with catastrophes of incredible proportions. Even experts in the field are surprised by everything that is happening. The Church knows that all this is part of the signs of the end time (Matthew 24), and that we must all be prepared.

On the other hand, we have many people who are suffering and as a people of the Lord, we must help them. We cannot sit still and do nothing in the face of these tragedies. The Church has always gone forward in the midst of the calamities of life, and now is when it should shine the most.

Therefore, I am calling for a general fast this Sunday, September 24, so that the peace of the Lord would fill the hearts of the brethren who are suffering the loss of loved ones, temples, houses, etc. I want all of them to feel the love and support of the brethren in all parts of the world. Also, on Sunday the 24th, I would like all the Churches of the Apostolic Assembly in the world to collect a love offering to help them.

I thank all those who have helped us with emergency offerings this year, may God bless you and help you cover your own expenses. Although you have already helped, we must understand that we have never experienced so many tragedies consecutively. That is why, once again, according to your ability, we ask you to help us to care for the brethren of Mexico and Puerto Rico.

All this that has happened during this year has led us to think about the creation of a National and International Emergency Committee (CENI) that will be immediately helping in future cases like these.

Dear Brothers, we must be united and face these tragedies. God is with us and we will soon tell the testimony of victory. My family and your servant withstood Hurricane Irma at our home. It was a unique experience, but your prayers and words of encouragement helped us enormously.

Now more than ever: United expecting the King!

Bishop J. Fortino

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