Job Announcement

The Apostolic Assembly International Head Quarters is hiring two entry-level accountants on a project basis to assist with a compilation assignment. This is an excellent opportunity to work in a Christian atmosphere and to further develop professional skills. Starting pay is $15 an hour.
Projected start date is January 19, 2015.

Minimum Qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on accounting
• Intermediate to Advance Excel Skills
• Detailed Oriented
• Strong Communication Skills

Job Responsibilities

• Compile church financial reports
• Bank reconciliations
• Gather and examine supporting documents for accuracy.
• Create and maintain financial spread sheets

Please e-mail your letter of interest and resume to Pastor Eddie Campa.

Dolores Romo pic 1In Loving Memory of Sister Dolores C. Romo

Eulogy & Funeral Service Information

Dolores C. Romo was born November 18, 1927 in Mesa, Arizona. She was the youngest of nine children born to Antonio Cruz and Angelita Bejarano. At the age of 16, she found the love of her life, Frank Romo, Sr. and they were married on February 4, 1944. While living in Arizona, their first son, Gilbert “Penny” Romo was born. After moving to Bakersfield, California, they were blessed with two beautiful daughters, Armida Romo and Alicia “Licha” Franco. The Romo family suffered a great loss when Armida at the age of 6 died suddenly of a tragic illness. In her moment of grief Dolores cried out to the Lord that if He granted her another child, she would dedicate him/her to the Lord completely. On the anniversary of Armida’s birth came their last child, Frank Romo Jr. Two years later they moved back to Glendale Arizona.


Fidel2Reseña de Trayectoria Ministerial de Fidel Almaraz

El Hno. Fidel Almaraz nació el 24 de abril del 1924 en Temecula, California.  Prestó servicio  militar en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. De su primer matrimonio, le nació su hija Anna Olivares y su hijo Roberto Almaraz, a los cuales amo.

En el año 1955 el Hno. Fidel Almaraz fue bautizado en el nombre de Jesucristo.  Sirvió como ayudante de su pastor Rev. Miguel Maruffo, Sr. por cuatro años en la ciudad de Tracy, California.

El 19 de Diciembre del año 1959 contrajo matrimonio con la Hermana Petra, en la ciudad de Corona California. En el mes de enero del año 1964 Dios le hizo el llamado para ir al campo misionero. Con la bendición de su pastor en la Convención en San José, California en el mes de Junio del 1964 fue aprobado para salir al campo misionero Nacional. El Hno. Fidel Almaraz con su esposa Petra Almaraz e hijos Lizzie, José & Vicky llegaron a Lancaster, Pennsylvania en septiembre del 1964.  Dios les bendijo y en muy poco tiempo tenían un buen grupo de hermanos y Dios les concedió establecer la Iglesia en ese lugar.

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Los Cabos Relief 2014 Update

Los Cabos Relief 2014 from Christian Brigades on Vimeo.

Construccion Clinica Medica en Honduras

La Brigada Cristiana Asamblea Apostolica

Construccion Clinica Medica en Honduras from Christian Brigades on Vimeo.

-3 Los Cabos Relief Update

Praise the Lord!

I wanted to send you an update of our advances for the efforts to Los Cabos. We have completed 102 Care Packages for the estimated families of the churches that were devastated. We have sealed them and set them ready for shipment.

We received great support from the district of Tijuana, especially from the Church of “El Silo”. Everyone worked hard and efficient. My team of 6 are ready to travel to Los Cabos from October 10-13 to help distribute the kits.

I have spoken to President Cardenas from Mexico and he has assisted us in finding a team of 10-15 local brothers and sisters to help us distribute. We will first travel to Cabo San Lucas and then proceed to San Jose del Cabo to complete the work.


If you have any questions, please let me know. God Bless.

Ismael Montoya


In Loving Memory

Pastor Frank Hernandez

Pastor Frank Hernandez was born on September 24th 1962 in Los Angeles, CA to David and Rosie Hernandez. Pastor Frank Hernandez was as well known for his heart of gold as he was for his sense of humor and practical jokes. He was the sort of person who could brighten a room instantly and joyous laughter followed everywhere he went. Anybody who knew him understood his love for God, family and the people of God. As a result of being raised in a Pastoral home, it was no surprise when he felt the call to Ministry.

Pastor Hernandez began his Ministry in 1991 when he was ordained under the Pastorship of his Father, Pastor David Hernandez at Family Life Center Apostolic Church in Whittier, CA. There, he faithfully served as youth Pastor for 10 years. Many would call this time among the most influential of his life. Many souls were won and many lives were impacted during these formidable years. God used this time to prepare him and his family until he felt the burden to pastor in Peoria, AZ. After the passing of his Father in 2008, Pastor Frank Hernandez returned to his hometown of Whittier, CA to assist in the care of his mother and family and thus began the Church of AFC Uptown Whittier where he faithfully served as Pastor until he was called home on October 3rd, 2014.

Pastor Frank Hernandez is survived by the love of his life Imelda Hernandez who he married on June 15th, 1985. Their love for each other has resulted in four wonderful children, Stephanie, David (married to Ashley), Amanda and Frank. They have one granddaughter Lily and a grandson due January 2015.

-6Apostolic Assembly… Thank You!

People of God, Praise the Lord.

Thank you; thank you very much for the great support to the call of spiritual warfare. We received many emails, texts and messages the days leading up to and also during the 3 days of fasting and prayer. In all honesty, we did not think it was going to cause such a positive reaction.  The apostolic people definitely know how to respond to the call of their leaders. We have received very encouraging and enthusiastic messages. Pastors from all over the world have literally joined the spiritual warfare with prayer and fasting chains, vigils and special services, and even the youth and children did their part to pray for the church leadership. We received pictures and videos where the congregation was praying for us as they mentioned our names.  This was very inspiring!  Other distributed pictures of the national leadership of the Apostolic Assembly and even the mission field, and the Church took time to pray for them. These were actually very productive and blessed days.

This is a clear demonstration that though the Church is under attack, it will never lower its guard. With faith and passion it will use it’s spiritual weapons to destroy its enemy, and finally, it will always have a shout of victory.  The Apostolic Assembly in recent years has intensified its search for God, especially when storms inundate; and waits in silence for the salvation of our God.  Indubitably, God is with us and will never forsake us.

Exodus 17:10 So Joshua did as Moses had said to him, and fought with Amalek: and Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill.  11 And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.  12 But Moses hands were heavy; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.

In this passage, we see Moses lifting up his hands and the people prevailing.  Then when his hands became weak and fell from exhaustion, his enemies prevailed.  When the entire leadership of the Apostolic Assembly united raises its hands, all of God’s people enjoy a time of peace and solace, but not so when the hands of the leaders are lowered.  The enemy wants the Church to have its hands collapsed and knees paralyzed, because he knows that is the way the Church will fail.  But during these three days, the Church refused to lower its hands and leave its knees still, and as one man, we united and this has given us an extraordinary victory.

From all parts of the world, I am hearing testimonies of miracles that God has done for His glory.  I am reading of a case in one of our churches in California where God freed a sister from cancer while she was praying for the Assembly and its leaders. While the brethren are in the field every day fighting, we the leaders, must be on top of the mountain with our hands lifted up, and as long as we continue to do so the Apostolic Assembly will advance and prevail.

Last week, we concluded the Joint Bishops Meeting composed of members of the International Board and District Bishops. We saw there how God glorified Himself in a supernatural way.  We achieved agreements that will help in the progress of the Church, we also prayed together, ate together and heard the Word of God together.  In a spirit of camaraderie, we made decisions that will surely have its effect on the church in the near future.

Someone said, “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” The Church throughout time has always emerged triumphant – history speaks for itself. A quick review of the Book of Acts testifies to this truth.  Throughout the centuries, the Church had to navigate impetuous currents, but the Holy Spirit was and is always present in our journey and will be guiding us showing how to direct the sails. Thus, the Church navigated and continues to navigate very difficult situations until one day we reach the Eternal port.

These last few months, men and women of all ages have approached us to tell us to move forward, for God is with us. But when the elderly gave us that advice, they also added: “We’ve already gone through what you are going through, and the Church has always prevailed.”  What a tremendous declaration!

Dear brothers and sisters, this wave of crisis and difficulties is nothing new, this should not surprise us. This Church, time and time again, has shown that waiting on God and using the powerful weapons He has left us will cause us to triumphantly arrive at our destination.  As we continue on towards Him, we will fulfill the great commission to extend His Kingdom.

Onward Church!  The best is yet to come.  I’m calling on all the apostolic people to come to the General Convention and be part of something glorious and to witness the power of God like never before.  If we unite in purpose, we will break all records.  Come to give, not only to receive.  In this convention, all of us together will raise the Apostolic Flag, the flag of faith that our patriarchs have left us.

For the passion of evangelism, for the power that characterizes us, and for the unity of purpose,

Bishop J. Fortino


In Memory of First Lady Jessie Micro

Sister Jessie Mirco was born May 2, 1929 and went to be with the Lord on September 20, 2014 at the age of 85. Due to the rigors of life she raised her four brothers and sister from the age of nine. She was baptized and was filled with the Holy Spirit under the evangelism of Bishop Daniel Jauhall in Los Angeles, California. Bishop Antonio C. Nava was her first pastor. God used his ministry and counsel to prepare her for her own calling, without her knowing the Lord’s plans.


In Loving Memory Bishop Isaac H. Cota


Bishop Isaac H. Cota was born Independence Day 1929 to patriarch Epifanio and Lupe Cota. A son of the Apostolic Assembly, his father planted or helped to plant more than thirty-five churches throughout the San Joaquin and Imperial valleys. It was in 1929, the year of his birth, that patriarch Antonio C. Nava commissioned his father to the church in Tulare, California. This church Bishop Isaac would later receive in 1962, and thus an eighty-five year legacy was established of Apostolic ministry in Tulare by the Cota family.


Gods Grace in Action

by Pastor Albert Perez
New Life Apostolic Church

I received a distress call from a church member Saturday, September 6, close to midnight. The Brother informed me of an accident that had just occurred at his trailer house. While they were sleeping, a truck crashed into their son’s bedroom. Their 9 year old son was thrust into the air and against the wall with much force, that his body was found wedged into the wall and mattress. He continued to say his wife had just left with their son to the hospital in an ambulance.  I immediately sent a message to my local ministers to pray for their son that no bones would be broken, no organs be impacted, and no internal bleeding. My wife and I immediately went to their residence to assist in anyway possible.

After medical examination, the X-rays showed no broken bones, MRI showed no internal bleeding; their son only sustained bruising to his face, chest, and right shoulder. He was released at 4:30am Sunday morning.

He was asleep when the accident happened and only remembers waking up wedged between the mattress and the wall with stuff on top of him. His father went on to tell me that he had to rip the bedroom door off the hinges to get to his son. He also mentioned that he has a 6 year old son as well that share a room with his 9 year old son. His 6 year old son got up a minute before the accident, went to his parent’s room and asked his father for a kiss. After He gave him a kiss, they heard a loud bang and felt shaking from the impact. Had his 6 year old son not gotten up at that moment, Lord only knows the unknown. The truck completely destroyed his 6 year olds bed before thrusting the 2nd bed with his 9 year old son. We thank The Lord for these two miracles! The boys obviously have had trouble sleeping Sunday night, but slept well Monday and last night. The bruising is going down and he is smiling again.

Just wanted to share.

Miracles happening all around us.

Kansas City Miracle!

by Ailene Zamora, M.A.Ed, PPS

-3The Bible is filled with stories of miracles that were done in time’s past. We teach our kids about these miracles to show the awesome power of God. On the morning of August seventh, Rivers of Living Water Apostolic church in Kansas City, Missouri witnessed their own miracle.  I was privileged to be commissioned by the Secretary of Social Assistance, Bishop Joe Prado and the general board, to serve as a counselor to those affected by the church collapse.

I met with thirty-five children (not including staff and parents) who have impacted my life in a tremendous way. The stories of the children that were present that morning during their second day of Vacation Bible School (VBS) gave testimony of God’s greater purpose for this church. Amazingly, the children were all on the platform area ten minutes prior to the walls collapsing. Many children mentioned hearing a loud noise as the walls crumbled. They described the collapsing floor as having snake like movements as the floor boards buckled in a wave-like pattern.  There was a young man on the third floor that recalls falling twice as he attempted to distance himself from the crumbling floor and at one point even witnessed his legs dangling off of the edge. It was by the grace of God that he as well as the others, were able to exit the building without sustaining injuries. Also, knowing that the night prior to the collapse, the church held a service in that same building without incidents is inspiring.

I listened to many testimonies that have increased my faith. However, there was one story in particular that left me breathless. As all of the children were being gathered to ensure their safety, there was one three-year-old boy who’s mother stated she was unsure of how he was able to exit the building. Upon questioning this young boy, he shared with me that he was on the third floor and did not feel afraid. He mentioned how a man with long hair held his hand and escorted him out of the building to safety. None of the staff recall having seen this man and there were no men fitting this description on the premises.

There is no doubt in my mind that God was present through the course of this tragedy.  Through many counseling sessions, I encouraged the children to continue to trust in the Lord when they felt afraid. As is written in Psalms 56:3 “when I am afraid, I put my trust in You.” I feel blessed and honored to be a witness to such an amazing event in our church history.  I honor the man of God, Pastor Herminio Leal and his wife Vicki, as well as their congregation for welcoming me with open arms. I left Kansas City, Missouri more passionate for the work of God, inspired by the faith of the brethren, and grateful for God’s immeasurable favor. I am comforted in knowing  “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).”-1-2

6.1 Magnitude Earthquake


by Bishop Joseph Rodriguez

We Greet the Apostolic Assembly in the name of the Lord Jesus!

This past Sunday, August 23, 2014, at approximately 3:00AM, the North Pacific Coast and the Golden Valley Districts of California experienced a 6.1 magnitude earthquake that was centered in Napa Valley, CA. There are several Apostolic Assembly churches that surround the epicenter of the earthquake in Napa Valley. With continued aftershocks, fires, and major damage to critical infrastructures, homes, and the closure of roads and highways, we are extremely grateful to the Lord for his protective hand upon His church which suffered no losses. Thank you for your prayers!

Although our churches and families did not suffer loss, there are yet many local residents in the area that have suffered bodily injuries and property losses. We covet your continued prayers in this great time of need.

School of Pastors – A Recap

Recap by:
Pastor Joe A. Aguilar
National Missions Secretary


The School of Pastors, formerly known as C.O.S.T., is one of the means our Apostolic Assembly is using to equip future pastors. The venue for this year’s program was the DFW Sheraton Hotel, in Dallas, TX from July 28 through August 1, 2014. A great emphasis was placed on mentoring, with five members of the General Board leading the way, along with the School of Pastors team, and four of our wives. 76 men and 56 of their wives participated this year.

On Tuesday the mentors introduced themselves to those they would be mentoring through Friday by speaking of their conversion, calling, and pastoral experiences. During lunch time (and Friday morning breakfast) the mentors followed up on what the mentees were learning and continued to invest in the lives of these future pastors. Mentor/mentee relationships were established. What an awesome experience!

Our curriculum consisted of topics dealing with relationships, the mentoring process, leadership, the Strategy of Jesus, the importance of our Constitution, case studies dealing with finances in the church, and pastoral counseling. Besides joining their husbands in most of the sessions, our ladies’ curriculum also included the calling and role of the pastor’s wife, as well as panel discussions.

The highlight of the activity was Thursday’s Impartation Service. Bishop President John Fortino challenged all participants to fully commit to serving Jesus Christ. The mentors placed specially designed mantles upon 28 second-year participants that they had mentored throughout the week. You had to have been there to know how impacting this was. But it wasn’t over. Bishop President Fortino then made an altar call to everyone who felt a call to go into the field to pastor. 20 participants accepted the challenge and filled out “I Will Go” cards that afternoon.

The General Board is especially interested in the School of Pastors training program. The future of the School of Pastors is extremely promising and exciting. The team will be working to continually improve the training and the follow up as well. We’re anticipating an even greater participation in 2015. Look for updates on our National Missions page.

From Tragedy to Worship

Recap by:
Apostolic Assembly Staff Reporter

On August 7, 2014 the sound of crumbling walls were heard at the “Rivers of Living Water” Church in Kansas City, Missouri. Harsh climate had fallen upon the city the past days, while the church was holding their Vacation Bible School with an attendance of 44 children and 20 teachers that Thursday. God intervened in what could have quickly turned into a tragedy. The building remained standing until all the people inside the temple had evacuated. A young girl carried her disabled sister, aided by the Holy Spirit’s miraculous strength. The three-story movie theater turned church building in the 1970’s is located at 3200 Independence Avenue. That day as the news coverage went out the Apostolic Assembly united in prayer for our church in Missouri.

Though their temple is partially in rubble, this did not stop the church from holding a Celebration Service this past Sunday August 10 to celebrate God’s grace at another location. Members had blue shirts with the motto ‘God is with us.’ Pastor Herminio C. Leal, who invited first responders to this celebration, said to KSHB Channel 41 in Kansas City that “We are a grateful people and that’s the reason we are here, to give thanks to Him for the big miracle he did.”

Bishop Joe Prado, Secretary of Social Assistance, with the backing of the General Board, has dispatched aid and counseling services to those affected in the building’s collapse. Let us continue to have Pastor Herminio C. Leal, his family and the Apostolic Church in Kansas City, MO in our prayers. We will continue coverage as new developments continue.